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Greetings.  As an avid antique silverplate collector, I can tell you that they are not solid silver (sterling), but rather a silver over another metal base. Your mark was first used near the end of the first quarter of the 20th Century.  Meriden SilverPlate Co is often confused with the more productive and prominent Meriden Britannia Co also in Connecticut.  Many silverplating companies joined together around the turn of the 20th Century  to become International silver Co.  If your items were solid/sterling silver of this era, they would be so marked.  As to value, not in the weight of a precious metal, as in Sterling/Silver.  The silver plate market is rather thin right now as keeping it from tarnishing, then polishing it is not regarded as a welcome task.  I'm guessing that they will shine beautifully with a little polish, and create a nice colorful display under plate.  For value. I'd say perhaps in good (no dents, all silverplate intact) condition you could ask $40 -$60 for the pair in a good venue.  Best of luck. 

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