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Tool of some sort.

Item was in a garage from an up north cabin.

It measures approx 2 1/2" long but extendeds to 3 1/2"

It has a loop on it that appears to be made of brass. The body I think is cast aluminum.

The Stanley Work ,Made in the USA is stamp near the top part that extends out.

It looks like it holds something.

There were 2 of them when we found them.

Any help would be greatly appreicated.

Thank you


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tony matthews's picture

looking at it I would say that something with a round section (like a metal rod) is inserted in to the end with the ball bearings. I presume that the knurled end (knurling is only ever put on tools to provide a grip) can be twisted to tighten the grip on the rod. Further than that I would be guessing. Perhaps it could be used to draw (pull) rods out of something tight fitting or maybe to hang them up whilst working on them?

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