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Vintage Side Table

I recently purchased this interesting side table, but was unable to get the full idea of style or age. I am interested mainly in identifying the type of table this is. My wife believes there was a mirror once attached between the back legs because there is a grove present that would contain a mirror. Value is in the eye of the buyer and I know what I paid so that’s all in need to know in value. Can anyone help me with my inquiry.

Solid wood, type unknown by me.
Distinguishing marks: 
Lions foot leg with carved faux bronze capital. Top shelf has brass gallery.
Date Period: 
Possible Victorian
Size and dimensions of this item: 
38”high x 40”wide x 28”deep
For Sale?: 


Lovejoy's picture

Odd looking table, based on the images I'd say it dates from the 1920's at the earliest. Most pieces made during this period tended to be a mix of European styles, which makes them appear older than they really are. Unusual tables like this were often made for the commercial market, used in upscale Hotels lobbies. We'd retail one like it foir about $350.00

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