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bahpeesgirl's picture

Who is the artist on this painting?  Is it August Albo?  I think this is a painting my father-in-law has been searching for, unsuccessfully.  Do either of you still have it for sale?

nazzhudson's picture


I also have a copy of "The Coming Storm"  I think it's from the artist Frank Wootton who was more famous for painting WWII aircraft.  I have had it in my possession for at least twenty years and my Great Aunt had it before me.

Information on the internet regarding this piece is non existent, so any information would be very helpful.


Jedmondson's picture

We have had this print also in our family for some time, and it has been brutal trying to find a print/piece to purchase to replace the one we had.  If anyone is selling, please let me know.  



Lovejoy's picture

Paintings really require a physical appraisal by a fine arts appraiser. The works of many well known artists have been reproduced in many forms, from prints to actual physical copies "In the style of" by Decorative Art wholesalers.

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