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Wood Stove

Cribben and Sexton company of Chicago Wood ( or coal ? ) Stove.  This was a Barn find of an old Mechanic Shop.  His 70 year old daughter donated it to our charity.  We have looked online to find it but have not had much luck.  Please give us an appraisal so we can sell it

American Furniture
cast iron
Distinguishing marks: 
Cribben and Sexton company of Chicago etched on the stove . Air Blast 118 2988 (see picture)
Pulled out of an old Mechanic Shop
For Sale?: 


jimpatt6's picture

I have the same model, it’s a Universal Air Blast 318 from around 1920 which is an upgrade from the standard 118, and 218. It should have chrome pieces around the legs and a top chrome dome piece. Mine is in good condition with all the parts and no burned out damage inside on the casting like this one. This one was used very hot and ruined the insides and cracked the top. I bought mine for 175.00 at a farm auction five years ago.

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