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Architectural sketches

I recently came across these sketches at a local thrift store. As I’m new to the Charleston area, I had hoped that the sketches were of one of the local historical buildings in downtown. After some research, I found that it was indeed my lucky day. They appear to be architectural sketches of the Exchange Building on East Bay Street. I couldn’t find anything else, except that the originals were done in 1766 by an Irish architect named William Rigby Naylor, and that mine may possibly be part of a reproduction set of 400 done in 1973. I didn’t find any numbers on them, but I also did not remove them from the frames for fear of damaging them, so I haven’t seen the backs. If anyone knows anything about them, I’d really appreciate the information.

Distinguishing marks: 
Rigby Naylor Dec 10(I think)1766
Date Period: 
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Prints like this are popular Decorator items and most we see today are reproductions. You pretty much will have to have them physically examined to determine what you have. The reproductions often sell for under $50.00 at auction.

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