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Mystery Still-Life 19th Century? Millais? Pears, Ginger Jar?

Millais, E. Millais, E. Millaps, Everett Millais, Sir John Everett Millais, Raoul Millais, Still-life with pears
Millais, E. Millais, E. Millaps, Everett Millais, Sir John Everett Millais, Raoul millais
Still-life with pears and ginger jar
Raoul Millais signature compare with unknown signature

Hello All,

I have been trying to make out this signature here and there for years to no avail. I purchased this painting in Philadelphia 20 years ago without any information on the painting or artist.

The signature originally looked to me to be > E. Millaps (Millaps as a last name is almost non existent) then I noticed that perhaps the p could be an "i",  which would make it - E. Millais?

(***notice the part of the p that makes it a p is a bit of a ghost, whereas the part that would make it an i is more clear )

Unique signature attributes:

1. signature underlined

2. Top left corner

3. number > - 55 - (under signature) 1855 or 1955?? (oil on board with canvas face and slight canvas wraparound - look machine done but very brown with age ( not sure when this kind of material became available). The photo of back of painting shows a wood board obscuring the back of the material painted on. ( no photo of the back of the painted material ) 

- ( Continue from E. Millais ) As in Sir John Everett Millais an known English painter of the 19th century. He also comes up when you search E. Millais.

However - J.E. Millais does not seem to even one other still-life in his history which gives me pause. Although I have to assume that every fine artist of the 19th century with formal study was made to do still-lifes as part of their training.

Also -The signatures I have located do not seem like his nor are any of them in the upper left hand position of other paintings.

HOWEVER - One of his ancestors Raoul Millais has a signature that is underlined (pictured below w green background) but the subject and the R rather than E is throwing me.

Would love to solve the mystery of who the artist is and would appreciate any insight to that end.

Thank you in advance - valleyguy

The closest I have come to an artists name is Everett Millais or 

Fine Art
Oil on board
Distinguishing marks: 
Underlined signature numbers -55- (under signature) Signature position upper left hand corner of painting.
Date Period: 
1855 or 1955?
Size and dimensions of this item: 
16" x 20" painting surface only
approx 8 lbs with frame
as per description
For Sale?: 


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