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Indigenous Doll Leather Sandals

Hello Smile !!!

I know absolutely nothing about this doll other than where I bought it a few years ago. Not very helpful at all I am aware, and for this I apologize.

Her limbs are movable although her entire structure seems to be "stuffed paper mache" or something to that effect.. and her hair, whatever it is made from feels like fine feathers to the touch, billowy, soft, and extremely sensitive! Her hair could use some "tidying up" but I am afraid to hurt her so I don't touch it.

I know she used to have a baby in a little flat basket on her back before my husbands' puppy got a hold of her... Other than stealing her baby in tow, she is in immaculate shape. 

She stands about 10 inches tall.

If you know anything about her, I'd love to know more as she is my favorite doll in my collection! 

Thank you in advance,


Antique Toys
Unsure, paper mache?
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Size and dimensions of this item: 
10 inches tall
under or around 1 pound
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