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Need information

hey .. i got these things but i dont have any idea about it - . i looked at it and its not Ferrous. i hope to get some information from an expert about whats these . ,  thanks

image 1 :

image 2 :




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Hey so i am new to this site and i have a question and i hope some one out there will help me. So I come across a chess board with hand carved ivory chess pieces.. I have been sitting on these for along time. Thet are from Nathan Ivory in Hong Kong. Reciept in box stated so. There is no 2 pieces the same. The detailing on each piece is just remarkable. Please

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Submitted by Lovejoy on

Values for these sets depends a great deal on the quality of the carving, we'd need to see some images to provide any useful information about the set.

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Submitted by rwhite4 on

I am handling my Uncle's estate and came across letters from Will Durant (Pulitzer Prize 1968) to his daughter Ethel.  My Uncle was a good friend of hers.  What would something like that be worth?

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