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 Somebody out there knows something about the mystery artist here, please share. Apparently no major institution admits to collecting the work, showing the work or representing the work of the artist: GALATE.  No biography, nothing on wiki, Google search insists I alter the spelling, void from Christie's,  Sothabys, Askart and Art News. Yet at least 5 work attributed to the artist have sold, images can be acquired through some difficulty.

I'm preparing to enter the TWILIGHT ZONE.

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Thank you, but the search for the artist GALATE continues to fail. Not a resume, gallery information, sales, nada, less information now than during my year 2015 search. Hmmm.

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Single named signatures on a painting are often indicitave of works made for wholesalewrs of Decorator Art of a type sold at "Starving Artist " sales at hotel conference centers back in the 1980's. The artists would often paint multiples of the same scene with minor alterations. In most cases the name on the painting is made up and not that of the artist.

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