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Hekman Table

This piece is free of any scratches or markings. It is solid and sturdy.

Wood, unsure which type
Distinguishing marks: 
inside the drawer it says Hekman Lexington, NC
Date Period: 
not sure
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Table top measure 25 1/2" in diameter. H 21".
not sure
I found this at the salvation army and discovered the Hekman label inside the drawer when I was cleaning it.
For Sale?: 


Lovejoy's picture

This is a very modern table, loosely based on American Federal furniture made circa 1800. Hekman Furniture Company opened in 1922 and is still in business, but based on your images your table is likely less than 20 years old. Value about $25.00.



lilbigdummy's picture

Howdy..whoever said 25 bucks is crazy...go to the Hekman furniture maker, who by the way, has been around since the late 19th century, and find yourself a local dealer. These types of tables, even at the base level, can sell for several hundred dollars. Your item as a discontinued item, might make it even more valuable, depending upon the buyer, and/or the venue on which you plan to list your item. There are few pieces similar to this round, drum style, Hekman end table, or round accent table, with drawers from this maker that that do not command a decent price. Good eye thrifty shopper...hope you didn't take the 25 dollar estimate from Lovejoy to heart.

lilbigdummy's picture

"Hekman History. It began in 1893 when Edsko Hekman ventured from the Netherlands to Grand Rapids, Michigan hoping to find his life's work as a furniture maker. ... In 1970 the company became a division of Beatrice Foods until 1983 when Hekman was purchased by the Howard Miller Clock Company of Zeeland, Michigan.
Company History..." Hekman Furniture Company

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