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Carlo of Hollywood Painting

48"x36" original oil painting signed Carlo.  Found at a thrift sale 15 years ago and have always wondered about it.   Definitely an original oil painting by someone.  

Fine Art
Oil on canvas
Distinguishing marks: 
signed Carlo, additional markings on the back of frame in grease pencil.
Date Period: 
Estimated 1970s
Size and dimensions of this item: 
my roommate in college got it from his mom but we never knew where she got it
For Sale?: 


spokras's picture

I have this painting. Now what? Does anyone know if it really is a "Carlo of Hollywood" painting. What does that mean? Is it worth anything? My son's girlfriend bought a house where this was in the basement... They gave it to me as a joke present at our family's Christman present sharing. But we don't know anything more about it.

If you know something about this paining, contact me directly as Stan(at)communitymagic(dot)org



jasonhaugen's picture

Stupid that they put the "reply" button so close to the "Flag as offensive" button, I may have inadvertently flags your above comment sorry.

Anyway it's a really cool painting, wish I could help you out.
I am an artist (painter) but art history is not my thing, so I haven't ever seen it before, but can't wait now to hear what others come up with about it.

spokras's picture

I looked closely at the signature on the initial painting posted here and the signature on my copy. The two signatures are slightly different. That tells me that there are at least two similar paintings. There could be more. Since Carlo of Hollywood is known to produce multiple copies of art, it's likely that this is one of them. I did a Google search on Carlo of Hollywood. One entry was for eBay. There were dozens of items with the Carlo of Hollywood name. Looking at signatures on these, they also show a variety of signatures.

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