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antique kodak camera

This is an old kodak camera that pulls out like an accordian.. on the side of the lens it says Kodak anastigmat f63 128 mm... it also says kodak kodex no. 1.. it also says kodak vigilant six-16 made in the United States of American by Eastman Kodak co. 

General Antiques and Collectibles
plastic and metal
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Kodak logo
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Lovejoy's picture

Kodak Camera's like this were made in huge numbers, of which a great many survive to this day. Values for them vary by model and vintage, but at auction they often go for under $50.00.

texsun54's picture

I have sold about 5 of these in the past year. All fetched between $15-$30 depending on condition. If the case and manuals and they are in good shape you can  get up closer to $50.

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