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Lord Calvert Glass 1 gallon bottle- sealed

This bottle comes sealed, with the original plastic pourer, and in the origina box. The box hass the fill date marked on it (12/19/1971) It was won during a raffle several years ago at one of the original bars in our town.

Distinguishing marks: 
Date Period: 
filler 12/19/1971
Size and dimensions of this item: 
1 gallon glass bottle
Found in our rural communities bar basement and raffle tickets were sold for it
For Sale?: 


Joseph's picture

I know you mention the bottle is 1 gallon, but can you tell by the label/markings on the bottle what it was made out of? I know that Lord Calvert glass whiskey bottles can be worth something.

- Joseph

ahuschka's picture

Unfortunately no, we looked all over on it and can't find any tiype of markings. The seal on the top of the cap has some numbers on it, but they seem to refer to data on the taxes paid. The bottom of the bottle seems to only show "gallon distilled"! The orginal box doesnt show anything on it either that would refer to what the glass is made of. The bottle is completely full & never been opened so it appears dark colored, but that may be becuase of the whiskey. The box says "Extra" - Lord Calvert Soft Rye Whiskey. It also includes the original pump dispenser with it, the packaging for that says that it is a "Bellows Pump". The pump is made of a white plastic I would say, and includes a long plastic tube, and the top of the dispenser says CALVERT. Sorry I dont have my camera right now but I will try and borrow one so that I can include a picture of everything for you.


Lovejoy's picture

Compared to decanters issued by companies such as Jim Beam, bottles of this type are not really considered collectible. What really has value in this case is the whiskey within the bottle, which is now over 35 years old and worth about $60.00 ;~)


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