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Interested in Beautiful Antique Fountain Pens? Check Out The 26th Annual Los Angeles International Pen Show

Interested in Beautiful Antique Fountain Pens? Check Out The 26th Annual Los Angeles International Pen Show image

Being longtime fountain pen collectors, we're always looking for the best pen shows to attend where you can bid on quality pens, see what collectors have for sale, get parts for pens, pick up some special ink, and mingle with fellow pen collectors. One such show is coming soon to Los Angeles - The 26th Annual Los Angeles International Pen Show at the Manhattan Beach Marriott Hotel.

We've been attending this show from its first year and always have a good time. If you are interested in fountain pen collecting, restoration, or selling pens then it's a great show to visit.

The 26th Annual Los Angeles International Pen Show
Manhattan Beach Marriott Hotel (Rosecrans & Parkview)

Sunday, February 16th, 2014
10AM - 5PM

For more information, visit


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