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Yixing Teaset with dragon metalwork

There are 6 cups, one teapot, and a pot that looks like it is for another liquid. The clay is unglazed inside and out, and is brown purple with metal dragons worked across each piece. The cups have a dragon on one side and a bird on the other, probably a Phoenix. I was told they're bronze.

There is also metalwork around the lip and bottom of each cup and the other vessels. Each one also has a mark on the bottom. Inside the lid of the teapot their are two more tiny marks on opposite sides of lid. The lid to the teapot fits perfectly and there are no signs of casting marks, both of which are signs that the pot is indeed handmade, not machine made.

I am interested in the true worth of the item as well as whether it is authentic. It was bought from a reputable shop and was supposedly made by a particularly famous artisan.

Ceramics and Porcelains
Clay and metal (I was told bronze)
Distinguishing marks: 
As previously stated, there are marks on the bottom of each vessel and two marks on the inside of the teapot lid, plus the stamp and the cerificate.
I bought this set of yixing teapot and cups in 2008 in China in the Chonqing region. It came in a bag marked Zun Gui Ming Pin in a beautiful cherry wood box. The box has no English on it. I have seen some like it online that have English like the bag, but this one does not. The shop I purchased it from is famous (I had a Chinese friend with me to help me haggle for price and try to make sure it was authentic). It also came with a certificate, though it is just stamped there is no handwritten signature.
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