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Yardsale find, old sideboard?

Pretty sure this is some sort of revival piece but I've never seen one with so many stamps and marks. The big mark on the back all I can make out is at the top 1845 L12 and Kansas City, MO on the bottom, the rest of the middle part of the mark is so faded I can't see it.  The drawers and back pieces all have number stamps in the wood. There are traces of green paint near the top edge and some of the round trim on the legs has green and red paint.

My husband and I found it in a yardsale today,  the elderly couple were from MO originally and they've had it for 40 years. That's all I know.

Basically just wanting to know what it is before I start cleaning and repairing it. There are some condition issues, some applique parts are missing but the inlays on the top drawer are intact. It measures 44" long 20"wide and 36" tall. Dovetails on the drawers look machine made, but the hardware looks original?

Appreciate any advice and thanks for looking!

wood unknown type
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Heavy for it's size every bit of 100-120 pounds easy.
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