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XVI. Louis Style Furniture Set

I inherited this antique set from my father who bought it very long ago around 30 years minimum from an antique shop or a collector, that i don't know specifially.

I'm not competent to decide this furniture real value, so i ask an appraisal.

Some of my more experienced antique lover friends sad that it's XVI. Louis style furtniture set around XIX. century, so i would like to know it' not some "copy" made much after only the style the same.

The furniture is in used state has not been restored at all. The tapestry has some tears on it and the gilding faed as well. The wood parts (sadly don't know the type) are in better state. 

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

PS.: Crucifix not part of any of this forgot to remove and apologize for my weak english.


Wood and drape tapestry.
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