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Wrought Iron Patio Set

Chair without armrests
Chair with armrests
Table and chairs

I got this table from my grandfather's house after he passed, he was an antique dealer for a long time, and even owned an antique store. Because of this I'm assuming that this is an antique (most of his furniture was), but I dont actually know anything specific about the piece (year, company, etc.). I'm looking for any information or even suspected leads on this set. If you have any ideas or suspicions about year, make, company, etc. please share.

The table has 4 chairs that match, two with arm rests and two without. In addition we found a fifth chair of the same design/style that had been painted red.

The whole set is in decent condition. Structurally everything is sound, but there are a lot of places where paint has chipped and there are some rust spots.

American Furniture
Wrought iron
Really heavy!
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