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Wooden Cradle with Hand Crank

This is a wooden baby cradle/bassinet that has a spring powered hand crank to make it swing back and forth. It is a Jenny Lind style and is at LEAST 60 years old. The hand crank was removed and is in the floor next to the cradle in the pictures. It was taken off to fix. It goes on the end of the cradle. I'm looking for more information and approximate value.

General Antiques and Collectibles
Wood. Possibly maple.
Distinguishing marks: 
Date Period: 
60+ years. I bought it from someone who said her children who are in their 50s used it and she got it from a friend who's children were in their teens at the time.
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Approximately 18" wide x 26" long x 16" deep. This is an estimate. I havent taken actual measurements.
Bought at yard sale. I know of 2 previous owners only.
For Sale?: 

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