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Vintage Yves St Laurent luggage set

Yves St Laurent 4-pc luggage set
Yves St Laurent carry-on, attache case and travel docs/tote

4-pc luggage set was gifted from Buick Motors in the 70s (why I left the tag on). The largest piece is the only one ever used, and only twice.  It does have a small nail polish spill on the very back..  The remaining 3 pcs are entact and never used.  The smallest I believe was for passport, travel papers, etc.  The next size up appears to be an attache or small briefcase with several sections.  The next one is a great carry-on size.  The leather tags show the YSL name; there are other tags stating Made in Taiwan.  I did find in my research that YSL did have a location in Taiwan at one time.  Beyond that I have not been able to find out anything more.   

Red Canvas with black leather designer trim
Distinguishing marks: 
Yves St Laurent iconic trim from 70s and 80s
Date Period: 
Circa late 70s and 80s
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Largest case is approx. 24" x 16"
This set of luggage was gifted from Buick Motors to my husband as part of a trip he earned to a country in Europe. We only used the largest piece, and the remaining three were stored inside the largest piece for all these years. I kept them all this time because they were so beautiful and because of the YSL label which was very prestigious.
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