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Vintage Tennis Racket

An item that appears to be the same as this is listed on Ebay for $6,750 OBO.

 I would appreciate your help in identifying a vintage tennis racket (photos attached}.  It appears to me to be the same as a racket currently listed on Ebay for $6,750 OBO and described as "English (1920's) Oversized Wooden Tennis Racket" with the stamp "G&T London."  Mine does not have that stamp but instead has a decal on the throat for Norvell Shapleigh Hardware of St. Louis which I assume was the seller of my racket.  My racket looks like one pictured in "Polidata Racket Illustrations" and described as "Gen. 2, Trans. Head, Lam. Wedges W&D, The Hub, c. 1900's Wider, stiffer handle."

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early 1900's
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