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Vintage Porcelain Tea Set made in Japan

Vintage Porcelain Tea Set made in Japan. Has an almost mother of pearl reflection, has a turn of the century photo with hand paint gold plating Roses. The Tea Pot has a music box that you wind up at the bottom and it does still work, however the (3) anchor hinges are a bit rusty, the crank and stop pin are not. It is very beautiful set. I only have the Tea Pot, Sugar Bowel, 6 tea cups and 4 saucer plates.

Ceramics and Porcelains
Porcelain I believe
Distinguishing marks: 
Gold painted Made in Japan on bottom of all item except tea pot (music box)
Date Period: 
65 to 100 years old
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Teapot : 7 1/2” height x 7” across Sugar: 4 1/2” height x 5” across Saucers: 4 1/2” diameter Cups: 2 1/4” height. 2 1/2” across top
Total weight for all items are: 2lbs 13.4 oz Tea pot 14.7 oz Sugar bowl 6.9 oz Saucer 2.9oz each Cups 2.0oz each
For Sale?: 

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