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Vintage Office Desk 1965

I have this desk here which I got from Sears in Tucson, AZ. The store was closing and they were selling everything. One of the things being sold was the store managers desk. This desk (as said by the manager) was here since Sears was first built here back in 1965. It is in decent condition with visible scratches here and there. There are chips on the edges of the drawers. Came with the key to lock the drawers as well. All drawers open and close perfectly. There is tempered glass on top which seems to have been built with the desk as it is a perfect fit. I have searched the desk for a serial number but all I got was Eggers NPY April 1965 and #17. There was of course the logo of Leopold. There is also a trademarked company inside the drawer space called Lundstrom Laboratories Inc. and Densiwood Patent. On the bottom of the largest drawer is the imprint "special" and cursive writing of what I believe is the word Sears. If anyone knows the history of this table and maybe even know what it might be worth, please let me know. 

American Furniture
I do not know what the desk is made of but it is wood
Distinguishing marks: 
The Leopold Logo
Date Period: 
April 1965
Size and dimensions of this item: 
3 feet long, 5 1/2 feet wide and 2 1/2 feet tall
Was placed in Sears back when it first opened in 1965, the table could be older than that, I have no idea.
For Sale?: 

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