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Vintage Kalamazoo Refrigerator


This is my first time using this website so, forgive me if I posted this in the wrong place.  

Yesterday, my boyfriend was given this refrigerator as the previous owner was just going to throw it away.  We love vintage/antiques and thankfully he surprised me by bringing this home. It still works perfectly fine, only a few small dents and scratches with some rust.

I've been researching online and have yet to find any Kalamazoo refrigerators, at all.  Some of their late 1940s print advertisments have photos of refrigerators but, that's about it.  We're very curious and any information is greatly appreciated! Thank you!



Under 5' tall

Has small box freezer at the top

Model No. 19

Hermetic Static Cooled Condensing Unit

Home Furnishings
Distinguishing marks: 
Kalamazoo emblem on front
Date Period: 
Possibly 1940s
For Sale?: 

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