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vintage Japanese satsuma vase

Beautiful original vase from japan. dated to 1880's. signed. gold gilted with figurines of elders or emperoress

Asian Art
clay,hand painted
Distinguishing marks: 
very elaborated. gold gilt frame on both sides. extremely detailed
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
1 foot tall, 6 inches wide
was brought to america by ship right after war world 1. has been kept under lock and key. has been passed down for 3 generations
For Sale?: 


Thomas Gordyn's picture

 Vintage Japanese Satsuma Vase ... Made in Japan was used after 1941 and WWII so this dates this piece post 1945 and Vintage. Many of these pieces are smaller 6 - 8 inches and sell for around $25 US on Ebay. Your piece is a nice size and very astetically pleasing. It is very common for these pieces to come in sets. They would be used on fireplace mantels. Larger versions were placed on floors.

from style and mark I would place this piece circa 1945 - 1955

Estimate Value $75 - $150 US based on maket demand.

Definately a piece to treasure for generations to come. Please leave a reply to give me some feedback on my valuation. Thanks for sharing ... 

Peace Always

Thomas J. Gordyn

Certified Professional Appraiser - AIOA

Proud Member of The American Numismatic Association

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