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Vintage Creamer Cup?

I found what I believe to be a vintage creamer serving cup. The emblem on the bottom says, Benedict, made in the USA, e.p.n.s.b.m.m. 1192. From bottom to top, it's just shy of 4 inches. From the bottom of the cup to the top of the handle it's roughly 4 1/2 inches. There's a decorative design all the way around the top of the cup about 1/2 inch down. It's overall in decent shape, just needs to be cleaned properly. I found this at a second hand store and I'm really curious to have some info on it. I'm not able to find this specific cup anywhere online that I've searched. 

Silver plated.
Distinguishing marks: 
E.p.n.s.b.m.m. 1192
6.24 ounces
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