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Umbrella/hall tree

Hi. I bought this piece a year and a half ago on a buy/sell site. I’m not an antiquer I just thought it was a beautiful piece. Just out of curiosity, can someone tell me if this is an antique or more modern. The drawer assembly is interesting. There is some separation in areas and the accents on the top and midsection are not symmetrical. All the screws and nails are not original. I’m pretty sure it’s been refinished. I see no manufacturers stamps or signatures just the lettering in black on the back of the drawer. I’m not interested in selling at this time. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Size and dimensions of this item: 
H - 84” W- 39” D - 16 3/4”
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Your piece is a reproduction, the wood type originates in south east asia. Most of these weremade during the 1980's to fill the demand for the then hot market for Victorian furniture.

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