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Tea Cups from Wilbur Sanders brought by covered wagons

 My grandfather, purchased a set of four tea cups in Montana many years ago.  They belonged to Wilbur F. Sanders and came with him by covered wagons when he relocated to Montana.  We are interested in selling them if they are of any value, otherwise they will be continued down our family line.  Thank you for your time, 

Ceramics and Porcelains
Distinguishing marks: 
Imperial Nippon
Date Period: 
For Sale?: 


tesch's picture

Unless you have documentation regarding the tea cup set belonging to Wilbur F. Sanders you won't get very much for this set.  Right now the going price is about $45/set. I realize it's Nippon and from the 1800's - but if you had some verifiable paperwork it would be worth thousands.

Hope this helps.

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