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I have a table from Imperial furniture i believe it says all mahogany in the picture there still a logo of Imperial ,some markings at the bottommit says  22  7        26 i took pictures ,.

,height is 24",

width 17 7/8",

lenght 25 7/8"

weights 10.7 lbs

I beleieve company close doors in the 50`S, Any help will be greatly appreciated thanks in advanced





American Furniture
mahogany wood
Distinguishing marks: 
22 7 26
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
length 25 7/8 width 17 7/8" height 24"
10.7 lbs
Imperial Furniture Co. 1903 - 1954 Grand Rapids, Michigan SEE ALSO Grand Rapids Chair Co.; Bergsma Brothers COMPANY HISTORY 1903: Founded by F. Stuart Foote. 1904: First dividend of 5% common stock declared. 1936: $80,000 showroom and dining hall built adjacent to factory. 1940s: Company builds airplane wings for the government. 1954: Company sold to Bergsma Brothers Co. after Foote dies. PERSONNEL F. Stuart Foote began at the Grand Rapids Chair Co., which his father, E.H. Foote, owned. There he learned about many aspects of the furniture business. In 1903, after ten years at the Grand Rapids Chair Co., he raised the money to found Imperial Furniture Co., with the help of Daniel McCoy, who was the president of Kent State Bank. McCoy was the first president of the company but Foote would soon take over and continue to be president for fifty years. PRODUCTS Imperial’s primary product was tables, with the addition of bookcases to its line later in its history. Foote laid claim to inventing the “coffee table” after he helped his wife prepare for a party by lowering the legs on a table. Imperial made dining room tables to go along with buffets made by the Grand Rapids Chair Co. Imperial was the first factory to bring out Duncan Phyfe reproductions. They worked mostly in mahogany but also had pieces of cherry. In the 1940’s, they made wood airplane wings for the government. Imperial was the first company to concentrate large-scale efforts on occasional furniture. MARKS AND LABELS Through most of its history, Imperial’s trademark was a triangular shield with a crown on top. On the shield is written “Imperial, Grand Rapids, Michigan”. The crown and the lettering vary only slightly by date.
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Most of the Imperial pieces like this date from the second quarter of the 20th Century. Imperial produced a huge number of tables in a variety of styles, at auction comparable tables to this one tend to sell for under $100.00.

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