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Yes, these sterling silver spoons were made by the foumous Gorham company that produced many styles, grades, items of silver and silverplate. Many times the marks can also tell the date of manufacture.  However, I am not certain if there is any additional information on your photos that are clear enough to tell.  The marks are either very worm (as the sppoons may well be too) or the photos are not crisp. It would be helpful to weigh these sterling items, which does help with an appraisal:  the smalled value would be the 'scrap weight' based upon the price of silver any given day.  The higher value will come from learning the pattern name, and type of spoon. this shape and size is unusual as the handle seems to be the same length as the bowl.  If you provide measurements of the handle/bowl and the total weight of the sopoons, I can better give a value.  Meanwhile I will try to locate the spoon type and pattern.

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