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Silver flatware

This is from a set of silver flatware that I purchased over 30 years ago from a man that said it was a set of flatware from Maximilion.  Of course I did not believe him and stored the flatware.  I have taken pictures of the front and back.  Hopefully someone can tell me what these marks.
From my research I believe it was made in Vienna Austria in 1859. It is loth 13 which is 81.2 silver.  It is a partial set.  From left to right I have 2 serving spoons, 1 ladle, 7 spoons, 4 small spoons. 6 small forks, 9 large forks, and 10 knives.  All pieces have the same marks.  Is it real or is it a fake? Thanks so much

Silver and Silver Overlay
sterling silver
Distinguishing marks: 
marks as pictured
Size and dimensions of this item: 
varies with piece
varies with piece
Bought over 30 years ago. Date on mark shows 1859. I believe it was made in Vienna in 1859 of 81.2 silver. I am not an expert so am asking for help.
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