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Set of 3 Decorative Wall Plates

I was gifted this set of 3 wall plates and I am trying to find out anything about them.

The large plate is 10" wide. The border is Gold and Teal paint with punched out detail. In the center it shows a sheep and 2 children.  On the back it has the metal wall hanging clip and it has "4806 and Italy" written on it no other markings

The smaller 2 plaques are similiar on the front. The border is Gold and Teal again with the punched out detail. the center shows what looks like to be mermaids or water nymphs. On the back it has the metal clip to hang on the wall. The markings are different on each plate. Plate 1 reads "4805 and Italy" and plate 2 reads "048 and Italy". But no other marks or signatures. The smaller plates measure about 6.75" wide

Thank you in advance


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