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Royal Crownford Ironstone Creamer England

This is a mustard Yellow color ceramic creamer that stand 5" tall at the spout. It has "Aut Vincere Aut Mori" on the top of the image and "Succefs to the independent Boston Fusiliers Incorporated July 4th 1787 America for ever"., at the bottom of the image. At the lip of the creamer are Mason Symbols. I'm wondering what the age of this creamer is and what is the resale value. I would like to put it in my vintage Etsy shop. Also is it a transfer image? (Transfer ware)

Thank you so much.


Ceramics and Porcelains
IronStone clay
Distinguishing marks: 
See my comments but it's by Royal Crownford, England Ironstone on the bottom of the piece.
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
5" Tall, 5.5" Wide including spout and handle.
12.5 ounces
bought at a church flea market in the Atlanta area.
For Sale?: 


Lovejoy's picture

Royal Crownford was a trade name used by J H Weatherby & Sons (Ltd), which operated from 1891-2000. Your piece is a late 20th Century reproduction , made to resemble late 18th century British Earthenware pottery. Pieces like this often sell for under $20.00.

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