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Rare chair?

Is this Louis? William and Mary? What?
Very solid dark wood. Appears old. Slat back arm chair with seat cushion. Found no markings; but the bottom is covered and I hesitate to remove the tacks & cover to see if there are any markings there unless someone knowledgeable can advise me to and how without impacting any value the chair may have. Can see no nails or screws holding it together - only the tacks on the bottom cover. I bought it for my elderly mother at an antique store because it is perfectly solid and has arms to support her. Have been unable to find anything about it anywhere, so hoping someone can tell me what style it is, if it's antique, and would love to get an estimated appraisal. Thank you!

Solid wood
Distinguishing marks: 
No marks found, but can't see bottom.
For Sale?: 

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