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R Featherston Drawings

Set of 6 Framed Pencil Drawings by R. Featherston

Each Frame 16X12 Drawings  approx 11X8

Fishermens Houses Folkestone

The George Inn Southwork 

John Knox's House Edenboro

Old Houses in Holborn

The Shambles York

The City Cross Winchester

All in the same frames with a sticker from Barnes Fine Arts 1226 Connecticut Avenue Washington, D.C except 1 the City Cross Winchester has the same frame and mat but the sticker is from Woodward & Lothrop Art Pictures and Picture Frame Dept WAshington, D.C. They appear to be 30-50 years old or more, not sure. Would like to know the value of these. 


Thank you,


Mildred Parmter


Art Deco and Art Nouveau
Wooden frames and glass
Distinguishing marks: 
On the back there are some pencil markings all the same B-171-13
Date Period: 
30 to 50 years old
Size and dimensions of this item: 
16 X 12
5 lbs
Don't have any history
For Sale?: 

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