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Pink Jade Statue of Kwan Yin

This is a jade statue of Kwan Yin, hand carved and of unknown age. I took it to a gemologist to find out what it was made out of and she confirmed it was pink jade and most likely hand carved. She couldn't determine the age and I don't know any history other than my grandparents bought it somewhere in Asia while traveling in the 1940's. 

Asian Art
Pink Jade
Distinguishing marks: 
No stamps
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
7 in tall, 1.5 inches wide, 4 inches across
1.4 lbs
I only know that my grandparents acquired it while traveling in Asia in the 1940's.
For Sale?: 


Samstopp's picture

Hello, i did some research and found some for sale like yours on eBay.

This one is pink jade like yours but carved different but has obvious interest with 4 offers and 18 watchers on the item.

This one appears to be just like yours but somewhat different and is green jade not pink. This one is also double the price of the first listing and has interest with 5 watchers and 5 previous offers. 


Judging by these two listings, it looks like it is from the early 19th century id say you are looking at a value of $500-$900 though im sure if you hold onto it the value will increase

Hopefully this helps

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