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One Dollar Bill

I've never seen a ONE dollar bill that looks like this. Can anyone please tell me about it and it's value?

Coins and Currency
Date Period: 
Act of July 11th 1862
Size and dimensions of this item: 
5 3/4 in.×2 3/4 in. Approx.
This bill is a part of my late grandfather's coin collection that was given to me him.
For Sale?: 


Thomas Gordyn's picture  

I believe your note is counterfeit.  First red flag was its all one color, second is the serial number and also condition. 

Authentic notes of this type and age run approx $150 US and up. Because of this there are many counterfeits out there. Lets face it if you can print old bank notes and sell them for $150 each its a better return then real one dollar notes at a dollar value.  I have some Japanese counterfit notes that were dropped in Japan by the US military in WWII. Sometimes the history of the counterfeiting can add perceived value.  

Thanks for sharing  ... very cool ...

Respectfully ... Thomas J. Gordyn Certified Professional Antique Appraiser - AIOA        Proud Gold Member of The American Numismatic Association. 


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