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Old Bowl

I have not completely made up my mind if I want to sell or not.

The. Top of the bowl is a little over 8 1/2 in wide. 4 1/2 in tall. There is a design around the outside of the bowl at the top and different design around the middle (pictures of these designs are shown). There are a lot of little imperfections all over the inside and out of the bowl (I think that adds to the character of the bowl). There are no signatures are marks anywhere on the bowl except for the design. before my mother passed away I remember her telling me that we had a bowl that was very old that her parents owned from a time that they were involved in the church I think she said something about The friends church. I'm just not real sure what they told me it's been so long but it was made during that time period

Distinguishing marks: 
A lot of imperfections but they add character, at least that's what I think.
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