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Need help finding more information Please and Thank you

So I recently aquired this vase at a garage sale. What really made me buy this was not the look of the item but the story behind it. Here is the story that I was told by the owners daughter.

She said that her Mother and Father went to Russia years ago "before she was born" and visited a museum "which she didn't rememeber which" throughtout there tour the Mother say this Vase and really liked it. She told her Husband to grab it. The husband refused in fear that they will get arrest and their passports taken away. The mother didn't care and grabbed the vase and hid it in her cleavage and walk out the front door, and eventually hid in her luggage and made it back to USA. After this vase was sitting for years in her cabnet "never used" the daughter asked the mother the story behind the vase, she was told this story and many more years forgot about the vase and after her mother passed away she decided to have a garage sale.

There is a name on the bottom on the vase but looks newer than the crest which is on the bottom as well. Any information would be helpful.

Thank you Smile 


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