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Mortlocks: The "Leeds" Candlestick

A friend has asked me to get some more details about a candlestick her mother has, it is approx 25cm tall in cream/white with gold detailing. We don't know much about it. The little information I have found suggests the Mortocks was a sort of store like Harrods is but made by other someone else. I can't find any information about this e.g date or manufacturer. The design seems to be called The "Leeds Candlestick" as per the mark on the base. Any further information would be much appreciated.

At first sight, I thought it was porcelain/ceramic but I have seen another of similar design all in black but it was made of glass. So, not 100% sure what it is made of.
Distinguishing marks: 
The "Leeds" Candlestick Mortlocks OxFord Street AD 1746 Bisto Gold detailing
Size and dimensions of this item: 
approx. 25cm tall base approx 10cm
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