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Moors and Christians Metal Chess Set

It is a metal chess set box, 30cm square. the pieces are in 2 different shades of metal ranging in size from approx 4.5cm to 5.5cm, they appear to be set up as Moors and Christians, the figures are stored in a clear plastic case on the back of the chess board, the pieces are stored individualy in a red plush case. The dark plastic lid has a small round logo on it with MD, a flower laural, five linked rings and some small words that i cant make out at the bottom. The chessboard itself appears to bea plastic stick on laminate sheet. All the pieces feel solid

Antique Toys
The case is plastic, the pieces are made from 2 different shades of metel
Distinguishing marks: 
The logo is round with a Laural at the top with MD in at the bottom of the laural is 5 linked rings with 2 words i cannot quite make out
Size and dimensions of this item: 
It is approximatly 30cm square and 3.5cm deep1
approx 1750 grams
For Sale?: 

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