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Mid century costume jewellery?

I got this a couple of weeks ago at a thrift shop in Montreal. I love it, and don't really care about its value. But I feel it's very well made and could be a designer piece. I would just love to know more about its origins, if North American or Scandinavian or whatever.  I don't think it's sterling silver. But it's durable and beautiful as heck.  I'd love to know more. thank you,



Jewelry and Gemstones
I am not sure if it's silver. It appears to be reversible. On the other side, you get the shapes but not the enamel and colours. It's flat silver on the back.
Distinguishing marks: 
the ovals, the disks, the chains and the enamal. The entire piece feels very unique to me.
Date Period: 
no idea
Size and dimensions of this item: 
20" from nape of neck, to bottom of necklace.
no idea.
For Sale?: 

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