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Mahogany? Carved Statue

Hi there! This is my dad's carved wooden statue that i have kidnapped to snap photos of to try and ascertain information as to the worth and history of the piece as a Christmas gift to him! He talks about this statue often, and how it was given to him by his uncle, but none of them know any of the origins and it would be such a topic of conversation if I could present him with the history and an appraisal of this for Christmas. 

So, I have ZERO background on the statue and my dad and his uncle are both 100% Lithuanian, so they can't offer insight as I doubt the ethnicity of this piece is Lithuanian Wink

I am only assuming that it is mahogany. I have taken some photographs, and one appears to show a carved insignia. 

Thank you for any information!! 


General Antiques and Collectibles
Distinguishing marks: 
carved insignia
Size and dimensions of this item: 
approximately 10.5 inches tall, x 4.75 inches in diameter measured at bottom of base.
approximately 1 lb. 10 oz.
For Sale?: 

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