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Macey Globe Wernicke Barrister Bookcase

This is a barrister bookcase with the top and middle portion having a Macey 35-10 markings on them and the bottom portion has a Globe Wernicke Standard D-10 unit 110-398 marking on it.  The middle Macey portion also has metal tag on the outside saying "U.S. Shipping Board E.E.C. 3627" on it.  The top and bottom portions are separate pieces.  Middle cabinet has one broken glass pane.  Whole cabinet measures 34" wide x 11" deep x 47 1/2" tall.  IMG_2447 is the marking on the underside of the top piece.  

wood, brass knobs, glass
Distinguishing marks: 
Macey 35-10, Globe Wernicke Standard D-10 110 - 398
Size and dimensions of this item: 
34" wide x 11" deep x 47 1/2" tall
For Sale?: 

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