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Lenox Mandarin

To be negotiated

The pattern is Mandarin by Lenox.  The research I've been able to do so far indicates that it was manufactured between 1906 and 1930.  There are 82 pieces, all in excellent condition. All have a Lenox back stamp in green with Frederick and Nelson Seattle in addition to the Lenox stamp on most.  All are hand numbered in gold with what I *think* is the piece number, all similar pieces have the same number.  The list below is an inventory of the pieces I have.  The first is the item description, I'm not too sure of the proper nomenclature of each piece.  The second is the hand painted gold code.   Twelve each: 

  • 10.5" Dinner Plate, #1830/P.I.
  • 7.5" Salad(?) Plate, #6/P.I.
  • 5.75" Bread and Butter(?) Plate, #5/P.I.
  • 4" Footed Cup, #1620/P.I.
  • 5.5" Saucer, #P.I.
  • 4.75" Cream Soup bowl with handles, #1934/P.I.

One each:

  • 17" Oval Platter, #16/P.I.
  • 12.5" Round Chop(?) Platter, #12/P.I.
  • 11" Oval Platter, #10/P.I.
  • 9.5" Dessert(?) Platter with handles, #954/P.I.
  • 6.75" Round Compote(?) Pedestal dish, #1397/P.I.
  • 8" Gravy Boat with attached base and handles, #1939/P.I.
  • 9.75" Round Serving Bowl with handles, #1929/P.I.
  • 9.5" Oval Serving Bowl, #1104/P.I.
  • 4" Creamer, #1657/P.I.
  • 4.5" Sugar Bowl with Lid, #1656/P.I.

 Abovw are the pictures of the 9.5" platter with handles and the back stamp of the Sugar Bowl.  I don't have pictures of each piece at this time, but these are representative of the pattern and the back stamps. To the best of my knowledge these were purchased by my grandfather at an estate sale/auction in the mid to late 1940s in West Seattle, WA., possibly at an establishment called the "Trading Post".

Date Period: 
Between 1906 and 1930. Best guess is about 1920.
For Sale?: 

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