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Lead dates back 3000 BCE and was used for many things.. It was also mentioned in the Old Testiment in the Bible  eg .Ezekiel, 22:19-20. This dating to about 590 BCE.

Since lead dates back so far it was used for many thing through history.  weapons, seals, coins, and many other uses.  Now something I just said rings a bell .... coins ... You had mentioned this was found in a box of old coins ... Perhaps this was a type of Proto money  ..

Roman, Greek, Egyptian ... so much history what can i be.

I noted navigation tools on the paper that accompanied the piece .. 

To me this looks like something that may have been used in ship navigation probably prior too 400 AD. It would be nice to see if there were holes in the ends etc.  Does it come apart ... ..  : )  It looks perhaps that this piece would pull apart in the middle ... 

Good luck with your search for what it is ... Hopefully I help directed you to the period its from and time ... 

Very cool .. thanks for sharing ..

Respectfully ... 

Tommy Gordyn Certified Appraisal Professional - AIOA

Canada / US / UK


Proud Gold Member of The American Numismatic Association

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Thank you so much for this information! It doesn't seem to open, as far as we can tell and I am unsure of whether there are any holes on either end (it is not currently in my possession). I will relay it on to the collectorl. Thanks again!



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