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Lasso 'Em Bill child's cowboy outfit

Lasso "Em Bill set
front of chaps
back of chaps
original box top
denim pants/chaps
vest front
vest label
vest back

1) Suede chaps with leather cut-outs on belt  Crystal clear prints of cattle rustlers on horseback lassooing longhorn steers on each leg Straps & chaps are intact with rivets showing iconic Keyston Bros. Mfrs of San Francisco buffaloes on each rivet head. Leather adjustable belt embossed with same Keyston buffalo icon. Includes suede holster with belt (no gun) & green fringe & blue suede stars attached by rivets.

2) Partial original box. Top of top cover with original art. No bottom or sides.

3) Second outfit is mainly denim. Matching pant-style bottoms, vest & neckerchief.  Top of pants/chaps is red leather(?) Holster, cattle head & horseshoe riveted to front of pants. Lined with red piping arounf edges. Denim & red vest with longhorn heads & concho badge on front. Gold label reads "Lasso 'Em Bill - Keystion Bros. Mfrs. - San Francisco, California" with careinstructions on reverse. 2nd white label says, "Lot 186, Size 8". Triangular blue, red & white plaid kerchief has embossed blacklined cowboy ona bucking bronco at the tip.

Picked up the outfit from an estate sale in Northern CA where there were numerous nautical, western & Native American items offered. Any ideas on value?

Vintage Textiles and Clothing
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Size 8 on denim outfit.
2 pounds
Purchased from an estate sale of antique toy collector.
For Sale?: 


Thomas Gordyn's picture

Well Howdey !!! Nice stuff .. but as you guessed no bull : ) 

These well made outfits were made by the famous Keyston Bros. Mfg. Co. of San Francisco, CA under the "Lasso 'Em Bill" brand name. Circa 1950's. The company was and still is known for lassos, whips and leather goods.  They are still in business today and still have A San Francisco location. Below is a sample product catalogue circa 1940;s

Est Value: $150 - $230 US. Very collectable and great condition. I would highly recommend framing the Box Top to protect it from further damage ... adding a period cowboy hat and some guns would add a lot of value to the set. 

I saw this item posted for sale online and your valuation was pretty darn close. I added you on Etsy : )  I would place this on your house contents insurance for $300 - $400 US if you do not sell it ... 

Thanks for sharing this cool piece of history .. please leave me some feedback on my valuation. 

Peace Always

Thomas J. Gordyn

Certified Professional Appraiser - AIOA

Proud Member of The American Numismatic Association

johnomo's picture

Howdy! Didn't mean to ignore your comments. During my 3rd attempt to reply, my WiFi shut down completely, so I thought I'd give it another go today.

Excellent suggestions about framing the box & adding pieces. Hadn't thought of doing either one.

Just picked up a Lasso 'Em Bill boy's & girl's cowboy hats in near mint condition & am negotiating for a Lasso "Em Bill pistol in good condition (65% of original paint on the pistol grip). Had to buy a girl's denim chaps & vest set to get the hats.

Any idea what the set including matching hats & pistol might be worth?

Wow, this is like a treasure hunt!

I surely do appreciate your input & knowledge. I've had a hard time finding info on these items because everything keeps pointing to their Western wear & fabrication work. I love the historical aspect of all of this. An inlaw of mine lived & worked nearby the Keyston SF location in the 1950's.

Thomas Gordyn's picture

Thats very cool about your relative residing there. I am unsure of the condition of the pieces you are currently in the process of adding ... I would suggest as well a pair of kids period cowboy boots would add value. If you had a vintange picture of a child wearing the outfit or advertisements this could also add value. I often think of things relevant to what I am selling to add value. Idealy if you had a buyer before hand it would help in your acquistion of additional pieces, Effectively if you could add all the above mentioned to the collection you could possibly get $350 - $500 US to the whole lot. Look at your target market and see what draws interest in what you selling. Somone may collect western items, old clothing, toys, epherma ... mid century stuff etc ...  thanks for your feedback ... Peace Always TJG

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