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Landstrom Antique Bedroom Suite

$5000.00 (No Comparable available, W.A.G. assessment utilized)

Beautiful Landstrom Furniture antique Bedroom Suite.  Dressing table with curved top center drawer, mirror and bench; 3 drawer "long dresser" with mirror, 4 drawer "high boy" with matching stand alone mirror on top, Full Size headboard, footboard, with rails and cross pieces.  Top center drawer of each piece has Landstrom medallion on inside left and a movable "center tray".  This set was my grandmother's, a fiesty lady who was a podiatrist in Chicago in the mid 20's to 40s.  This was her bedroom suite as long as I can remember.  She died at the age of 104 in 2002 and this set has been occassionally and carefully used and stored since that time.  The dressers  and dressing table have glass tops and the top left drawer of the dressing table has a glass sliding insert.  

The set is in very good to excellent condition.  The following are the known "issues":  center drawer of dressing table has "chip" missing on bottom left of facing, unfortunately right on the corner of curve.  The glass on the "long dresser" has a small chip on corner; the right top drawer of dressing table has a "facia crack", just outer layer of drawer facing, and the headboard, in sunlight, appears to have some discoloration at center.  


American Furniture
Not sure, I believe its mohagany or American Cherry.
Distinguishing marks: 
Landstrom mark/medallion on left inside "wall" of each top drawer.
Date Period: 
early 20th century
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For Sale?: 

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