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KPM Coffee/ demitasse Cup and saucer - Pink / White

Not known

Both cup and saucer have a KPM mark (enclosed pictures) plate has a non-descript "526" stamp.  If cup has a number I cannot see it, but I see 2 notches.  Sharp white (not beige); cup is thin china, light and where not painted translucent (if put against natural light) but does not feel like bone china. Gold rim detail (some wear on the gold).  Dainty cup ~2.25 inches tall plate is ~5.25 inches wide.  Total height ~2.5 inches. Holds ~6 oz .

Cup rim has symmetrical wave pattern with pink 'wash' border that seems more painted with a rag/finger than a paintbrush or dipped.  Hue inconsistency (in some area whiter than pink and asymmetrical) Between each wave there are like 2 or 3 punched in lines only seen when placed against light (unsure if decorative or with the purpose to make paint stick).  Handle has some decorative motive, seems stuck separately before final glaze due to small gap I can see.  It is definitively not ‘fine’ china by today’s standards as there are imperfections that are obviously 'baked' in rather than wear and tear.  Plate saucer has similar characteristics but not as thin and no details between waves.

I was trying to determine more information on the origin, date and possible date/design of the cup.  The 'made in Germany' stamp is not very ‘crisp’ but then the stamp 523 seems too modern for me.  Are the imperfections just expected for the time of manufacture? 


Ceramics and Porcelains
Some type of ceramic.
Distinguishing marks: 
KPM, Made in Germany, scepter, cup has gold line. Border has wave like shape. Cup has 2 or 3 lines between waves (can only see if against the light)
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Cup ~2.25 inches tall, top diameter ~ 2 3/4 inches, base diameter 1.5 inches. Plate has a diameter of ~5.25 inches wide. Total height ~2.5 inches. Holds like 6 oz of liquid.
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